The CLLE is an innovative, multicultural and professional one-stop learning centre equipped with a full spectrum of educational and learning services catering for the whole family providing over 2000 specialized courses and serving well over 2000 families each year.

2016 is a special year for CLLE with the official launch of our brand new YWCA International Kids Club where we encourage learning through play and while our focus is in child learning and development; we are also pioneers in providing an array of adult leisure classes including parenting and helpers training. Our newly established Parents Hub provides parent & kids interactive classes, parenting courses and free talks to navigate you on your parenting path while our Helpers Training Academy lets you ensure a peace of mind through your helper with classes that enhance their ‘on the job’ skills in all areas. With over 65 years’ experience, our Adults Leisure Zone provides leisure classes covering more than 8 major categories including arts, cooking, sports, languages and more.