• Helen O’Grady Academy

    The Helen O’Grady Academy was founded by Helen O'Grady in 1979, in Perth, Australia. Currently, it operates in 27 countries with around 55,000 students attending classes each week.

    The Helen O’Grady Speech and Drama Programmes are conducted in Hong Kong by a passionate team of Drama Specialists and Instructors trained by the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. All teachers have professional qualifications and are trained to implement the programme with energy and enthusiasm!

    The aims of the Helen O’Grady Drama System are achieved through involving our students in a
    highly stimulating, creative, theatre arts programme, designed to develop

    1) Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life
    2) Ongoing confidence
    3) Self-esteem
    4) Skill in verbal communication
    5) Effective social interaction

    Our courses involve students in active participation in every phase of their development within
    the programme. We do not hold examinations, but we do issue an Achievement Certificate for
    each full year completed.

  • HK Gospel Martial Arts Ministry

    In1999,, by the grace of our Lord, a few brothers who play various kinds of martial arts grouped together and had the same vision. We proclaimed the gospel of Christ through preaching and all kinds of martial arts performance, such as, weapons, brickbat, kicking, self-defense technic, free fighting, etc. Through martial art training and bible study, we train up people’s body and spirit.

  • HK Youth Magic

    Our ‘Magic Kingdom' teacher Queenie is very popular and you will often see her on television appearances performing and teaching magic to children. She has now been teaching ‘Magic Kingdom' at the Y for over 3 years and kids just love her surprises. Queenie is also invited to partake in many events; whether it is on the TV screen, mall events or parties, she always memorizes the crowd with a jaw dropping show.

  • Hong Kong Rope Skipping Union(HKRSU)

    Aiming to bring a serious, professional and healthy image of rope skipping to the public, our Club has strict requirements on our members so as to clear up the misunderstanding that rope skipping is only a child game.

  • Hong Kong Youth Fencing Training Centre

    Fencing provides physical and cognitive benefits. Students describe fencing like a physical "game of
    chess." It takes strategy and quick reflexes. Fencers learn good sportsmanship, self-discipline,
    gain quick reflexes and how to compete independently. All our coaches are Hong Kong Fencing Association (HKFA) certified, they all possess abundant experience in coaching for many years.

  • Hung Yip

    Learning Chinese Calligraphy from Master Poon Shui Wah

    The secretary and consultant of the Xing Qi Shu Hua Hui

    Been taught in YWCA (Kowloon Tong) and CCC Ming Kei College

    Teaching in Confucius Hall Secondary School since 2005