• Khaki Classroom

    Karki Ng graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, BFA Fine Art, MLitt Chinese Art History. Currently taking Certificate Course on Projective Drawing in Art Therapy. Karki loves interaction with kids, and believes that building a good relationship with them is the key to teaching and learning.

    Materials We Use
    +Certified non-toxic materials to the American AP standard
    + Paints made with 100% natural plants and herbal ingredients
    + Canvas made from tree grown in well-managed forest
    + Pen and Paper made with recycled sources
    + Cruelty-free, Solvent-free

  • Kinder Kicks / Asia Pacific Soccer Schools

    Kinder Kicks is a soccer play program for children from walking to 5 years old. Our professional coaches will teach a wide variety of exciting games where students enjoy themselves while learning the basics about soccer. Each activity is designed to improve a young child's motor skills and social skills while having fun.

    In walking to 2yo and 2yo age groups, one parent/guardian is required to attend each class along with their child. In these classes the parent/guardian will often need to participate with their child to guide them (don’t worry - it’s easy!). In the classes for 3 and 4 years olds a parent/guardian should also just be on hand in case the coach needs some support. Children 5 years old and over may be dropped off and picked up at the end of class, although parents/guardians are always welcome to stay and watch!

    APSS classes at the YWCA are for 5, 6 and 7 year old children. These are a progression from Kinder Kick classes, where the emphasis is on building soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. These classes use specially weighted soccer balls so students can learn better control of the ball and really learn to play the beautiful game! If a child is 5yo and has not played much sport before it might be more beneficial to complete a Kinder Kicks 4-5yo course first, before moving to APSS sessions.

    Kinder Bounce is a basketball-based fun programme for young children up to 6 years old. Many different games are used to improve hand-eye coordination and the children learn how to catch, throw and dribble the ball. It's a fun way to learn the basics of basketball while learning to take instructions and interacting with other children of the same age.

    Kinder Games is a multi-sport programme for small children up to 6 years old which uses all kinds of equipment and activities to get kids active and using lots of different motor skills. Students will be throwing, catching, balancing, crawling, jumping, dodging and more! It will also teach kids valuable social skills like sharing, taking turns and listening to Coach.

  • Kwan Kam Chiu

    關錦超 RIC KWAN 

    For those of you who are familiar with Kendo, instructor Ric Kwan has great
    credentials in this Japanese martial art. He has been a kendo practitioner for
    over 26 years and has been teaching at the Y since 2002 (HKYWCA Kendo
    Dojo). Instructor Kwan is All Japan Kendo Federation 5th Dan and is an All
    Japan Kendo Federation Kendo Teacher of Tokyo Kyumenikan Kendo Dojo as
    well as the Hong Kong branch representative of Hyoho Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu.
    He is the student of 13th soke Yamakita Takenori, student of Higo Shinkage
    Ryu Kenjutsu 17th Sensei Tamamoto Atsushi.