• A1 Swimming Club Limited

    A1 swimming club is led by renowned Coach Ben. A1 is a group of professional swimming coaches aiming to teach kids and adults the techniques and skills required to learn and improve swimming in a tailor-made approach for each student.

  • Art-Tastic Hobbies Centre

    Renu Singh – takes cooking classes for helpers for more than 10years at YWCA. She brings a wealth of knowledge in many cuisines and is one of the longest serving teachers with the CLLE. 

  • AT Speech Learning Institute

    A T Speech Learning Institute established since 2004, our teaching force encompasses graduates from local and overseas ranked universities, speech champions, seasoned speakers, outstanding teachers and experts.
    HKU, CUHK, 中山大學,San Francisco State University, University of London, etc

  • Ballroom Bees -Katya Virshilas

    Introducing Ballroom Bees, a fun and friendly new way for kids to connect through dance, music and play. The brainchild of former BBC Strictly Come Dancing professional Katya Virshilas, Ballroom Bees combines unique insight into the entertainment world with Katya’s own experience as a mother of two. The result is an exciting new programme that unites children in a love of ballroom dance

    BallroomBees is the creation of Katya and her husband Klaus Kongsdal Jensen, a dynamic dancing duo with decades of experience as professional dancers, choreographers and teachers. A former National Ballroom Champion, Katya was a professional dancer on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance. She has worked with the likes of Antonio Banderas, Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez as a dancer and choreographer for the Hollywood films Take The Lead and Shall We Dance.

  • Chan Choi Yee Louisa

    Mrs. Tsui learnt Tang Suit talioring from Mater Mong for many years, she is the one who recommended by Mater Mong.

  • Chan Kai Chi

    陳教練任教跆拳道至今已有十多年,期間成為香港代表隊成員,亦代表香港參加了不少大型比賽。資歷包括國際跆拳道黑帶五段、跆拳道協會三級裁判、香港教練培訓委員會LEVEL 2、跆拳道協會中級教練、92年全港黑帶公開賽沉量級- 亞軍、93年度會最佳運動員獎 – 國際跆拳道香港總會、93年全港黑帶公開賽中量級 – 冠軍、97年世界賽香港代表隊 – 中量級等。

  • Children's Cantonese Opera Association

    Cha Duk Chang Children's Cantonese Opera Association Ltd (CDC) is a charity set up in 2002 under Societies Ordinance and registered under Companies Ordinance. CDC is the only Children’s Cantonese Opera Company in Hong Kong insisting on new scripts for the Children and on the Children over the years. We use children's daily life as topic, children's dialogue as language to write our own scripts so they don’t need to act like adults and can present their own selves on the stage. Children can learn Cantonese Opera and Chinese Culture in an easier way.

  • Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt is an enthusiastic tennis coach with a passion for tennis. He achieved his HKTA Level 1 & 2 coaching qualifications in 1986. He won numerous club & open district tennis tournaments in Hong Kong. Chris has vast coaching experience covering very young children, junior & adult beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

    His coaching experience covers USRC(present), Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club, and PCCW .

  • Chu Yuet Lai Georgiana

    朱月麗女士  具多年的教學經驗