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X'mas STEM All Around 4days (8-12yrs) 28/12-31/12

You will have the opportunity to experience the latest STEM technique, including Laser cutting, 3D model designand printing, 3D scanning technology, stylus drawing design, laser cutting machine skills, electronic circuit design, etc.
Students can create a variety of STEM works, including: Laser Cutter light box design and tailor-made creative 3D printing products.

Day 1:
Laser-cut Introduction, ScanNCut, 3D Pen
(will have a product of laser-cut & 3D Pen 鐳射切割及 3D 筆成品各⼀件)
• Introduction of Laser Cut Design - Key Chain / Name Tag (鐳射切割介紹, 製作鑰匙扣或名牌)
• ScanNCut Usage (創意剪裁機應⽤)
• 3D Pen Usage and Creative Design - Glasses (3D 筆使⽤及創作 - 眼鏡)

Day 2 :
Introduction of 3D Printing, Modelling and Scanning
(will have a product of 3D Printing, 完成 3D 打印成品⼀件)
• Introduction of 3D printing and usage (3D 打印機的操作和應⽤)
• Introduction of 3D modelling - Pen Holder (3D 模型設計, 筆筒)
• Demonstration of 3D Scanning (3D掃瞄器應⽤示範)

Day 3: Electronics & Coding
• Basic understanding of electronic circuits - Smart Torch) (認識電⼦及電路 - 智能電筒)
• Introduction to Micro:bit and Block-based Coding (Micro:bit 介紹及⽅塊編程)

Day 4: STEAM on iPad
• Video Production by Clips - Self Introduction Movie (使⽤ Clips 製作⾃我介紹短⽚)
• AR Introduction by AR Makr - My Art Gallery (AR介紹以及創作虛擬藝術畫廊)

-Except the products are mentioned above, another equipment is using during the lesson only.
-The product of student may need to collect at our reception after the course due to the production time is required.
-For 2nd and 3rd lesson, as each student will use a computer to learn 3D Modelling and Design, so participants are preferred to have basic computer literacy skills, e.g. Controlling Keyboard and mouse.
-Each student need to prepare an iPad (released after 2018), updated with latest iOS , with AR Makr and Clips apps downloaded and installed for learning during the 4th lesson.



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Date Day Time APH Fee Standard Fee
28Dec 2021 - 31Dec 2021 Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 14:30
$2640.00 $2720.00