Kids Can Cook (3-6 yrs)

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Kids Can Cook (3-6 yrs)

Darren, Gateway’s resident chef, returns to the kitchen with more exciting culinary delights.  Students prepare a number of fantastic dishes to take home and share. They touch, smell and taste a huge variety of ingredients from around the world and employ a range of techniques and skills as they prepare the tastiest dishes around.  It is a fully interactive class and what goes home is definitely the students own creation (not put together by an adult), recipes are not repeated during the year. Gateway Education certificates are awarded after completion of the course.

Kids Can Cook (3-6yrs)
One of the oldest running classes at the YWCA and still one of the very best. Our little chefs get to identify and check out the various ingredients that they are going to use, before preparing a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes.  Hands on, messy and yummy and the perfect combination for fun and learning.

Please note: As per CLLE policy (see terms & conditions) participants are responsible for informing the CLLE office and teacher of any allergies before a course commences.


Gateway Education

Date Day Time APH Fee Standard Fee
2Nov 2020 - 7Dec 2020 Mon 15:00
$2394.00 $2514.00