Phonics Fun 3 (4-5yrs)

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Phonics Fun 3 (4-5yrs)

Phonics Fun classes by Gateway Education,
·    a comprehensive range of phonics classes
·    designed especially for Hong Kong students
·    aim to truly teach the sounds & how and when to use them
·    equip students with phonemic knowledge to assist in reading & spelling
·    use games and activities
·    support learning with worksheets

Classes correspond with academic years and students are encouraged to enroll accordingly.

Gateway Education certificates are awarded after completion of the course.

Phonics Fun 3 (4-5yrs)
Students in the class have now mastered the basics so it is time to discover soft vowels and consonants, digraphs and tri-graphs.  Students build on their expanding vocabularies through fun games, activities and more intricate worksheets.


Gateway Education

Date Day Time APH Fee Standard Fee
5Nov 2020 - 10Dec 2020 Thu 15:30
$2394.00 $2514.00