You don’t have to be an Annual Pass Holder (APH) to enroll in our courses but there are many benefits if you do.

Discounts on course fees
All APH receive discounted course fees. The APH and Standard fee is shown for each course.

Online course enrollment
This function provides a convenient method for online enrollment on all courses. APH can update their personal information online and may also benefit from 'Early Online Enrollment'prior to the regular scheduled date.

Online Account Management
Enables you to update account profile online, view enrolment records and renew annual pass.

Special APH events
Invitations to special APH only events.

APH discounts / privileges
APH receive discounts from a range of retail outlets just by showing their CLLE card. APH will also have access to YWCA online shopping platforms (Y Silver Link - ), Y Hospitality, Y Health & Wellness Centre, Y Senior Care and assortment of other services. Please visit our here for more details.

Course booklet
For APH the course booklet will be automatically mailed to you each term for the period of your annual pass.

Course cancellation fee waiver (For APH renewal only)
Once per term (applies only to APHs who consecutively renew without skipping any terms) Please refer to website for full terms and conditions.

Provides you with access to a private air-conditioned gym with modern fitness equipment at a stated rate. For information on opening hours and fees, please visit here

Swimming pool
Provides you with access to our 12 metre outdoor heated swimming pool at a stated rate. Operating hours may be subject to change without prior notice. For information on opening hours and fees, please visit here

Cheap parking
We have one of the cheapest car parks in Central. APH is entitled to a special car park rate for the first 2 hours.

Please download the CLLE APH Application Form and mail it to us with a cheque made payable to ‘Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association”. Or why not pop in and see us on the 3rd Floor of 1 Macdonnell Road, Central.