1. HK-YWCA will take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe learning environment. Course participation for both indoor and outdoor activities is at attendee's own risk. The HK-YWCA will not be liable for any accident, loss or injury sustained during a class. Please be considerate and stay at home if you are sick or not feeling well. For all hikes please note difficulty rating provided.

2. Participants are responsible for informing the office and the teacher of any allergies or injuries before a course commences.

3. It is required that all parents or guardians of children less than 11 years remain on the premises while the children are participating in a course even if the adult is not required to be in the classroom.

The YWCA expects the following from students and companions:
  •    Companion should not interrupt  children/teachers during the class
  •    Do not shout at other students, companions, teachers and staff
  •    Respect teacher, staff, companions and encourage follow students to do likewise
  •    Not use or tolerate inappropriate language

Breach of Code of Conducts:
1.    No Person/s attending a lesson or companion shall:
  •    Use offensive or obscene language to any student, teacher, YWCA staff or other companion;
  •    Enter the classroom at any time without the prior approval of the teacher/YWCA staff
  •    Assault or act with aggression to any person/s;
  •    Behave in a way contrary to the YWCA Codes of Conduct as set out above
  •    Behave in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of the class by any other person/s;
  •    Act in a way which as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any other person/s;

       If any person/s breach the codes of conduct, the YWCA reserves the right to ban the offending party with immediate effect and no refund will be given


For any courses/excursions held outside Hong Kong, we strongly recommend all participants to take out travel insurances. The HK-YWCA will not be liable or responsible for any accidents, loss or injury sustained in these courses.