Services Amber Rainstorm Warning Red Rainstorm Warning Black Rainstorm Warning
(See Remarks)
Pre-T8 Warning is issued / T8 or above (See Remarks) Tropical Cyclone Warning No. 3 Thunderstorm Warning
Indoor Activities
Not Started
Outdoor Activities
Started Adult
Not Started Adult
Swimming Pool/ Class

will based on information of Location-specific Lightning Alert Webpage by Hong Kong Observatory
Fitness Room

Legends :
Class will run as scheduled.
Class/service is cancelled;
NO make-up class or refund will be arranged.
Class/Service will resume two (2) hours after Hong Kong Observatory lowers the signal (see Remarks).
Contact office or instructor to confirm if class will run as scheduled.


1. If the Tropical Cyclone Warning No. 8 or above/Black Rainstorm Warning is removed by Hong Kong Observatory at or after 4pm, all classes will be cancelled for the day.
2. “Pre-T8 warning” represents the Hong Kong Observatory will issue an early alert (i.e. a ‘Pre-No.8 Special Announcement”) prior to the hoisting of the No.8 Typhoon Warning Signal.
3. Once black rainstorm / Pre-T8 warning / T8 & above is issued by the HK Observatory, all classes will be cancelled immediately. Except for those indoor classes already started during black rainstorm, class will run as scheduled.