A simple mind-body technique for health concerns in children & teens.
BodyTalk doesn’t rely on talk therapy, needles or medicine, but upon re-balancing the body energy system in a similar way to Touch for Health or Kinesiology.
The energy system of a teenager is often un-balanced by emotions and stress, and with BodyTalk correcting this can often lead to improvement of your child’s health issues. BodyTalk is appropriate for:

• Tension related headaches or stomach troubles, poor sleep, anxiety from school, peers or from tensions at home

• Learning, focus or concentration and attention-deficit issues, especially if accompanied by behavioural issues—such as mood swings, impulsiveness or anger outbursts

• Coping and adapting with environmental and cultural changes, academic pressure, expectations and performance pressure leading to anxiety and low motivation.

• Other health problems such as allergies, asthma, eating disorders or lower immunity when they most likely have an underlying stress or emotional base

Angie Tourani is Hong Kong’s only Advance Certified BodyTalk practitioner and instructor. She has over 10 years of experience helping children and teens with common health concerns. She will share her experience on how all these health concerns can be addressed without the use of medications and drugs.


Angie Tourani

Advanced Bodytalk Practitioner

Angie Tourani is the only Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor in Hong Kong.

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based, non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body in its healing process and stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. It is a great support with other healthcare systems to promote effective and faster healing. It can also be used as a stand-alone system, to address a variety of health conditions.

As a mother of 2 children, Angie first came across BodyTalk in search of an alternative health care modality to help raise her children. She wanted a safe, side-effect free, health care system and trained as a BodyTalk Practitioner in South Africa in 2005.

BodyTalk’s major assets are its simplicity, safety, and the speed of its results. Because the BodyTalk System allows the body’s own healing abilities to effect change, clients see long-lasting, ongoing improvements in their health rather than short-term symptomatic relief. It is non-invasive, objective in application and works effectively.

Clinical results have shown that once the communications systems of the body have been reestablished, and the body-mind complex synchronized, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.





Date: 13th Mar, Wed 2019

Time: 10:00am -11:45pm

Location: The Helena May, 35 Garden Road, Central


• Dress code for guests is smart casual (singlet, shorts, sportswear, beachwear, flip-flops are not considered proper attire by The Helena May Private Members Club)

• Please do not use mobile phones

• Please do not bring outside food and beverages


Coffee mornings are held once a month at The Helena May Institute from 10:00am – 12:00pm organized by YWCA.