Majority of YWCA-CLLE classes will run as usual with special arrangements. 

To minimize Covid-19 situation’s impact on class operations, we have made a series of special arrangements including: 
●Face to face classes arrangements of each subgroup will follow HK Governments’ social distancing regulations and restrictions.
●Class suspension / cancellation (see below table)
●Restructuring to online learning (see below table)

Please review our Spring Term Class Arrangement Highlight and Covid-19 Special Policy and stay close to our website for the most up to date information. Rest assure that your health and safety is our main concern, for full details on precautionary measures against Covid-19 taken at the YWCA, please click here. We urge all students to stay home and seek medical advice if you are displaying any symptoms associated with Covid-19 including upper respiratory track illness, runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache and fever. Thank you for your attention.

Restructuring to Online
Insil Yoga* AAD210009
*continue online class on 6/2 while no class on 13/2

Cancelled CNY Camps (8 - 17 Feb, 2021)
CNY Taekwondo all
CNY Gymnastics & Trampoline Day Camp all
CNY Rhythmic Gymnastics  all
CNY Children Wing Tsun Martial Art all
CNY Lion Dance and Kung Fu all
CNY Mini Tennis all
CNY Jazz Kiddy all
CNY Camp - Archery Fun  all
CNY Fencing all

Suspended Regular Class (4 - 17 Feb, 2021)

Regular Classes  
Taekwondo all
Mini Tennis all
Children Wing Tsun Martial Art + Lion Dance all
Jazz Kiddy  all
Outdoor Tennis  all
Kinder Kicks all
Kinder Bounce Basketball all
Asia Pacific Soccer Schools  all
Asia Pacific Basketball all
Kinder Games all
Gymnastics  - Multisports all
Gymnastics - Smarteam all
Rhythmic Gymnastics - Smarteam all
Fencing all
Kenjutsu  all
Kendo all
Therapeutic Yoga  all
Acrylic  all
Outdoor Tennis  all
Pencil Sketch all
Water Colouring all
Aerobic all
Fitball Stretch all
Tai Chi all
Group Dancing all