Important Notice: Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Special Policy highlights and Autumn Term 2021 Course Arrangements


All students, teachers, and companions are required to wear masks at all times at our facility. YWCA-CLLE has the right to refuse students from participating in classes (including sports classes) if he/she does not comply. Our Centre has the right to request patrons who display fever symptoms to leave our facility (body temperature over 37.8°c). If feeling unwell, students should not attend any classes and seek medical attention at once.  

      i.           Students shall not attend classes at least 14 days after returning from overseas. (For details, please refer to relevant government guidelines)

     ii.           In the event that government social distance policy occurs, arrangements for affected classes will be as follow.  When enrolling in classes, please pay attention to the course description or contact our CS for more details.

a)    When social distancing rules tighten, class structure and size may be adjusted or minimized to ensure a safe social distance between students during classes. To reflect new policy changes, in the event that social distancing rules relaxes or seizes, class sizes will increase accordingly as the situation permits. 

b)    Some courses will be restructured to online learning, students will receive individual email notifications regarding further arrangements. (This arrangement is only applicable to designated courses. Please pay attention to the course description or ask our staff for details when registering)  

c)     If classes are cancelled due to social distance circumstances, new re-structured classes will reopen for enrolment. Enrolment details will be announced on our website and social media, spots are secured by payment on a first come first-served basis. Our staff will contact affected students individually through email regarding refund arrangements. As refund processing takes time, if the system fails to process the refund in time, students may need to pay tuition again to apply for new courses.    

Furthermore, to reduce transmission risk, persons who underwent compulsory testing are to stay at home and avoid participating in class when waiting for test results. For more information on our ‘Novel Coronavirus (covid-19 Special Policy’ please visit our website for full details.)  Thank you for your attention and please be diligent when visiting the Y and let’s join hands to keep our centre virus-free.


(last updated: 30 June 2021) (In event of any disputes, CLLE reserves the right of final decision.)